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  • "I started Zumba because I was tired of increasing a pant size every fall! I lost 30 pounds and toned up; now I can look at myself and be proud of being a 50+ female. And I don't have the body of a typical 50+."

  • "I began Zumba due to muscle condition causing stiffness throughout body, I can now move normally. At 62, fit for first time in my life! Also, teachers are extremely motivated!"

  • "Fun group -- I feel so much better since starting Yoga and Pilates. Fantastic instructors complete the package."

  • Get’n Fit has improved my health and quality of life.

  • "The instructors make exercising a fun experience. And you’re doing something good for yourself. I’ve been exercising with the best group of women for 8 years now. All ages are welcomed along with all levels, do not miss out!"